The InstaRinse has been a fantastic addition to all of our mobile setups. Aside from preparing our customer’s glassware to be the best vessel for our product, the crowds love the fact that they don’t have to walk to a water trough before enjoying a beverage and we can rest easy that our brews are delivered just as we intended them to be enjoyed. It’s easy to set up and use and provides a great centerpiece that leaves our guests coming back to our booth more frequently!”

Brandalynn Armstrong, Co-Owner, ZeroDay Brewing Company, Harrisburg, PA

“I used the InstaRinse last week at a retailer expo and the rest of the beer sales guys were out of their mind wanting one. It works GREAT and guests constantly say ‘thank you, no one else here has that. That’s awesome!’ To which I reply ‘we’re all about quality.’  Everyone who cares about delivering their product as intended should have an InstaRinse.”

Andrew Bauman, Head Brewer, Uncle Bear’s Brewery, Phoenix, Arizona

“InstaRinse has transformed our patrons’ experience with Atlas at festivals and tasting events alike. Having a compact and effective glass rinser on-hand conveys the professional presentation we strive for. Most importantly, the subtle flavors of our Dance of Days pale ale or Gose, etc are not overshadowed by the remnant of the barrel aged imperial stout that was in someone’s glass right before. The InstaRinse has proven to be a convenient and compact way to get our beer in our customers’ glasses unadulterated.”

Justin Cox, Owner, Atlas Brew Works, Washington, DC

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