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Whether at an outdoor festival, indoor large scale tasting or the comfort of your home with friends sampling various kinds of your favorite adult beverage, protecting the integrity of the liquid being consumed should never be underestimated or compromised.  Brewers, distillers and vintners work hard to provide the exact flavors they believe make for the perfect drinking experience, and ensuring a clean glass for tasting is paramount to preserving that vision and ideal.

Liquid integrity glass
Liquid Integrity


We are ready to round out Harrisburg Beer Week tomorrow at Little Big Beer at Appalachian Brewing Company! We will be on hand to make sure every beer tastes the way it is intended to taste, so swing by and rinse out your glass before heading to the next beer! We will also have our InstaRinse on site for sale!

Posted by Liquid Integrity on Friday, April 28, 2017


  • All plastic, anti-microbial injected components maintain the integrity of every rinse and allow maximum cleanliness of glassware.
  • PVC and BPA free Eldon James Tubing, with enhanced barrier properties, provides resistance to infectious agents (70% more resistant than regular vinyl tubing).
  • Spring activated switch sprays only when pressed, ensuring maximum battery life and water usage.
  • Powered by 8 AA batteries (not included). No gas needed.
  • Rinse capacity of 90 gallons of water per set of batteries.
  • Tubing spear inserts into any water bottle, ensuring no spillage and purity of source water.
  • Durable, portable design fits into backpacks or shoulder bags.

InstaRinse Portable Glass rinser features PVC and BPA free Eldon James Enhanced Barrier Tubing for superior resistance to infectious agents.

Liquid Integrity® focuses first and foremost on quality, ensuring that whenever and wherever a product is being sampled or consumed, it tastes exactly as it was conceived by the brewer, distiller, or vintner. We are always looking to innovate technologies to ensure the beverage industry, and at home enthusiasts, can present products at the highest standard, no matter the context.

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